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Keeping an objective view is key to assess the true status of your business before making critical decisions... Contact us now to obtain an unbiased professional opinion.



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Knowing how best to drive your business forward is not always obvious…

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Choosing the right funding for your business is essential in today's financial climate…

See our dedicated business and property finance pages or call us today to discuss the best current options available.


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Objective Analysis

Every business idea, concept or project needs an objective unbiased opinion to test the viability of the venture before time, money or resources are spent, to reduce risk and unnecessary financial exposure. Are you working smart?

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Development Strategies

In business, standing still is going backwards. Most proprietors acknowledge their working day is spent performing functions within their business, with limited time, to evaluate new strategies or develop systems that may positively impact the business. Is stagnation a problem?

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Commercial Finance

Regardless of the nature of a business venture, how the business is funded is paramount. Many business failures can be attributed to underfunding or the use of unsuitable or expensive finance. View our finance page for more details.

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Business Structures

Lambert Ashcroft provides a wide range of proven business strategies and solutions to maximise business opportunities, profitability and longevity from the outset. Get a FREE confidential review, to identify areas that may benefit from attention.

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Project Management

As a consultancy we can provide a team of experienced project managers to plan, cost and oversee any business project or venture, leaving you to focus on other elements of the existing business activities or venture.  

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Branding & Marketing

One of the most important aspects of a successful business in today’s ever-changing environment is branding, market placement and public awareness. This is often overlooked or seen as an unnecessary expense. The key is, how do you stand out from the crowd and monetise?

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Sales Performance Analysis

The analytics we provide highlight the relative profit of the service or goods being sold on a on an individual basis. This enables you to evaluate the true margin and profit of each item or service being provided against the actual cost of generating the sale.

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Sales Training & Support

We offer a variety of training packages that can be tailored to your individual business sector and needs to improve overall performance, greater control of your sales team and consistently generate more sales revenue, reducing cost of sales, and increasing profit margins.