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Regardless of the nature of a business or venture, how the business is funded is paramount.

Statistics show the failure of many business ventures can be attributed to underfunding, the use of inappropriate or unsuitable expensive finance.

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Business finance specifically tailored for company expansion, takeover, buy-out, buy-in, share purchase or commercial asset purchase.

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Short-term commercial bridging loans can be used for any business purpose, providing quick access to capital and ideal as a temporary cash flow solution.


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Acquisition Finance

If you are looking to acquire a business, intellectual property to increase market share or further promote your group or brand, this is one of the most efficient methods to raise funds quickly to complete an acquisition, or takeover. Do you require further capital?

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Bridging Finance

Bridging finance is a short-term business loan that is designed to be flexible and offers short-term solutions to businesses for any purpose, but usually associated with cashflow, interim funding or when purchasing large assets, such as property. Do you have access to competitive rates?

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Commercial Mortgages

This is a long-term loan for various types of property, land or business purchase where a freehold asset is being purchased as part of the business acquisition. Generally, covers the purchase of land, commercial property and residential housing. Do you need to refinance?

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Development Funding

Used predominately for property related projects whereby the owner of the business needs to either acquire sites for development, do conversions or refurbishment to commercial and residential units. Are you working to tight deadlines? Spreading yourself to thin?

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Property Investment Finance

There are a multitude options relating to property finance with the most common being Buy to Let mortgages (BTLs) as the focus on property investment in recent years has been centred on the residential market due to attractive yields. Where is the money in property now?

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Asset Finance & Re-finance

This provides a solution for businesses to have the ability to purchase new assets without having to raise new capital. The primary benefits to your business, you retain essential working capital and cashflow and a wider choice of manufacturer and supplier options.

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Invoice Factoring & Discounting

Generally used by companies that provides services or manufacture goods where payment is not received at the point of sale. This finance solution enables advance payments from outstanding invoices quickly, increasing cashflow and working capital for the business.

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Unsecured Loans

Typically, short-term loans that are not secured against business assets, there is no security for the lender to cover the value of the loan, unless they request a personal guarantee. Good option for Start-ups and SMEs, which have low or no assets of value, that require quick access to funds.